If you are a Nurse, Tech, or Respiratory Therapist in the Northeastern United States, fill out the form below to request  KN95 masks for yourself and co-workers in your department.  We will contact you and prioritize speedy distribution of masks based on the needs of those who contact us.

Due to the national shortage of N95s, NENA has purchased bulk orders of KN95 masks that have met FDA and NIOSH approvals. These masks were additionally reviewed  by a Certified Industrial Hygienist.

The utilization of the KN95 masks are only meant for use by healthcare staff if, and when, their employer fails to provide them with the required N95 respirators.  It is your right to protect yourself, by bringing in your own PPE.  If employers, as well as the state and national government, had done their jobs ensuring an adequate supply of personal protective equipment, we would not need to utilize this product.  However, in a situation where it is a decision between KN95 or a surgical mask, the KN95 is a safer option.

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