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Massachusetts nurses Rally for Safe Staffing Legislation at the Massachusetts State House

Originally the New England Nurses Association and created by the Cabinet for Labor, NENA (the NorthEast Nurses Association) is an outgrowth of the 23,000-member Massachusetts Nurses Association. NENA supports has supported a consistently growing number of nurses as they rally for positive change within their work environment.

An increasing number of nurses and healthcare professionals throughout the northeast recognize the need and right to achieve a stronger, distinctive and more powerful voice in the workplace to protect their professional practice and provide the most comprehensive care for patients. NENA is here to support these efforts by educating and mobilizing those interested in forming a union at their place of work.

As members of NENA, nurses and healthcare professionals become part of a progressive and respected organization that uses its strength and vision to advocate for positive change through collective bargaining, legislation and education.

Empowerment is the final destination on the road to equity, safety, security and respect within the work place. Come, take that journey with us.

NENA: We put the “you” in Union

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